We driven by our passion

TOP 5 SAI Music is an independent label & recording studios known in Rwanda, that has handled artists like The Ben, Kitoko, Tonzi, Tuff Gangz, and many more.

TOP 5 SAI Music is well renowned for the number of hit songs it has churned out and the stars it has created over time. This is not factoring in the hit songs being produced by producers who found their footing or were mentored at TOP 5 SAI . That is why TOP 5 SAI Music carries the mark of quality in the industry.

Under the guidance of highly skilled producers, TOP 5 SAI Music guarantees top-notch results, operating the latest digital recording technology. In order to manage the workflow, deadlines and client confidentiality.

TOP 5 SAI Music has two studios all of which are fully equipped with the latest digital recording technology (one in Kigali and another in Musanze), only accessed by, and under the supervision of TOP 5 SAI producers.


TOP 5 SAI Audio offers a wide range of products and services namely:

  • MusicĀ  production
  • Music Artist coach & management
  • Jingles
  • Radio drama Production
  • Radio commercials in various languages