We are experts in creating events that inspire, motivate, and energize by designing temporary environments, creating fresh experiences, and awakening the senses and emotions.

Whether it is intimate private parties, clockwork-precise corporate functions, fun-’n-feisty team building or highbrow gala events, your guests stay later and leave with a lasting impression. That’s because we’re the event management company that builds strong bonds.  TOP 5 Events works closely with you to make sure your functions are everything your attendees will be drawn to. In fact, engaging us for your event planning is the best way to connect with the people who are important to you.

TOP 5 Events is an events company whose personalized event management services give you exactly what you want – tailor-made occasions that bring your guests closer to you and help create relationships that last.

Ownership, innovation, and teamwork are at the core of our corporate culture. We truly believe anything can be accomplished given creativity, innovation, and planning. We believe it is our responsibility to stay tuned into the event industry, watch for new products and food trends, and be thought leaders.

With a full range of event planning services from TOP 5 Events, you’ll be describing your next event as “a triumph”. TOP 5 Events knows the DNA of the perfect event. Our formula for event planning is a mixture of exceptional creativity, personal interaction, and exacting attention to the details that get people involved and keep them engaged. And we apply our philosophy for success to all your corporate events, including briefing, event planning, design, marketing, production and after-event services. Say goodbye to guesswork too.

No project is too big or too small.


Choose from the following services or brief us for a unique experience:

  •  Event management and concepts Event design
  • Event coordination
  • Conferences & Hospitality management
  • Strategic event marketing Corporate hospitality
  • Event production & Technical production
  • Team building (Protocol,...)
  • Corporate events & Corporate entertainment
  • Press events & Product launches
  • Award shows
  • Movie premieres
  • Small & Large scale concerts
  • Street bashes, Tents & Decor
  • Hire of stage, sound and LED screens

We are the event company that puts you in touch with your most successful event yet. Any size or location, we’ll meet your requirements and expectations on time and within budget. You shouldn’t settle for an events company that offers anything less. Contact us today.